Verecunda of House Verditi

Gubernatrix , Chief Helmsman på Favonious


Age: 51 (Apparent Age: 38)
Personality Traits: Avaricious +3, Un- compromising +2, Careless +1, Hubris +1

A limber woman who typically dresses as one of the sailors — which is far more practical than robes on deck


Verecunda holds the title of Gubernatrix, the chief helmsman of the fleet. Unlike her master Memnos, of House Vertidi, her enchantment skills are spe- cialized in ropes, knots, cords, and twine; a focus which proves very useful aboard ship, but not one that has led to a steady client-base for enchanted items. Her familiar is a monkey, which she picked up on one of their more long-distance journeys when the covenant was smaller. He can often be seen in the rigging of The Philomela keeping watch.

Verecunda of House Verditi

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