Memnos, of House Vertidi

Covenantleder på Favonoius


Age: 92 (Apparent Age: 58)
Personality Traits: Hubris +4, Fearful of
Open Water +3, Diligent +2, Talkative –2


Memnos is the founder of the covenant Favonius and architect of its marvelous vessels.
He has always been fascinated with ships and boats, and is specialized
in their enchantment. However, an unfortunate incident left him with a Death Prophecy that he would die “with the sky above him and the sea beneath him”. He has never actually sailed on any of his ships for fear of the prophecy’s completion. He has become famed as a builder of sea-going vessels and is nearly always busy working on one commission or another. Memnos is a healthy man apparently in his fifties, with curly black hair and a full beard. His skin has turned nut-brown from his outdoors life on the seashore. His work
with hefty beams of wood has left him massively muscled, and he is an expert climber
with a good sense of balance. He is best skilled in the Art of Rego, and is particularly
accomplished in craft magic, which he uses to lighten his work. He has a team
of 4 forge-companions (see Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults, page 113), and his laboratory
on Andros contains many specializations and enhancements.

Memnos, of House Vertidi

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