Gemma and Bobila of House Verditius

Siamesiske tvillinger


Personality Traits: Hubris +3, Diligent +2, Bickering +1


Gemma and Bobila are conjoined twins, attached at the spine so that the sisters are always facing away from each other. Trained by Stouritus, they craft the majority of Ingasia’s enchanted items, always working in their labs making magical things. They have grown used to their deformity, and work around it. Their labs are connected, with forges, workbenches, and other work stations mirroring each other, separated so that both magae can work on different enchantments at the same time. Of course, they must both work at their forges at the same time, or their workbenches, etc. Each has her own vendator and group of forge- companions, and lead separate Hermetic operations. They are surprisingly efficient and constantly work, taking seasonal breaks only to increase their understanding of the Arts by studying raw vis.

Gemma and Bobila of House Verditius

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